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Meir Art Gallery | July 2017

In Conjunction With Meir Art Gallery And The TAX Collection, John Paul Fauves Is Exhibiting His Solo Exhibition 'A Loss Of Innocence' at it's second stop on it's would tour. Opening July 1st in Antwerp Belgium,  'A Loss Of Innocence' Explores Our Own Humanity As We Mature, become increasingly Desensitized, And Ultimately Grow Farther Away From Our Incorruptibility As Children.

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Photo credit: Fred & Erick Photography @fredanderick

About the artist

John Paul Fauves is a contemporary painter and sculptor based our of San Jose, Costa Rica. His work is heavily inspired by the fauvist movement, as he seeks to explore hedonism and redemption through his bodies of work. Utilizing the iconic "Mickey" icon, Fauves tackles life's most challenging questions in regards to the losing of one's innocence, and to visually represent the seeking of pleasure, no matter the concequence.