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Artist Spotlight interview with Parker Day

Parker Day is a Los Angeles based photographic artist whose work explores identity and the masks we wear. Through costuming and exaggerated expressions, Day toys with the truth of who and what she portrays. She deliberately eschews Photoshop in favor of in-camera capture on film. Lurid color bathes her work and heightens the surreality of her subjects while the grain and grit of the photographs make them palpably real

What’s your preferred medium to express yourself and you work? How did you come into working that way?

I work in film photography. I love the grit and grain of film and the immediacy of connection photography allows between myself and my subject.

Where did you grow up and do you think that’s affected, at all, your vision as an artist?

San Jose, CA. I basically grew up in my dad's comic book shop there and that had a tremendous influence on me.

What was your dream growing up as a child?

When I was around 4 years old I was asked "what do you want to be when you grow up, Parker?" and I replied with the utmost sincerity, "I want to be a strawberry!"

What has become most important to you or your work at this moment in your life?

Being authentic, always. That means trusting my intuition and my tastes.

Is there any specific moment(s) or memory in your life that pushed you definitively towards the arts or to pursue your creative ambitions?

Just before turning 30 I was in another career, unsatisfied, and having a bit of life crisis. Signs kept pointing back to photography (what I originally studied in school) and when I finally made the leap to give it my all and move to LA, door after door opened.

Who or what would you say is your biggest inspiration(s) and how do you think they/it have influenced your work?

David Lynch. He's taught me to have faith in my intuition and the source of creativity I find there. 

What does your work mean to you? If anything at all?


What is your definition of ‘art’, even if it’s total bullshit?

Communication by way of the viscera.