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Lossapardo | Artist Spotlight

French painter, musician and animator Lossapardo creates exceptionally moving works that play on the artists emotions and attention to detail. Inspired by stolen moments of solitude and the sometimes necessity of being alone, Lossapardo’s works speak to the individual inside all of us that seeks seeks quiet instances of self reflection - seizing important opportunities to grow, recharge and finding comfort in the simple act of taking time for one’s self.


How would you describe your work?

I paint, I do music and animation - my work is a combination of both. Every piece is like the stolen moment you can picture yourself into.


What’s your preferred medium to express yourself and your work? How did you come into working that way?

The paper sheets are the medium I used the most since I started drawing, I also really love canvas. Those two mediums are the ones I’m the most comfortable with. I’m still on a journey to find the best way to show my work to people. I want bring them the whole thing about the paintings the animation and the music.

What triggers your imagination or inspiration?

Mostly I’m inspired by everything surrounding me, the city, the buildings, the clouds (I’m in love with the sky in general), the sea… the simple things.

en_attendant_lossapardo.jpeg (1).jpg

What are some of instagram accounts that you particularly enjoy or get inspiration from?

My major inspiration comes from photography, living scenes, natural lights and shadows. The lights and the aesthetic of the photographer and director @lokmane, the buildings of @korbusje, the paintings of @gambrell_ , or the drawings and colors of @itsjoeyyu are the things I watch the most on instagram.


What was your dream growing up?

For the most I can remember being an artist wasn’t on the list even if it always have been a part of me.

What has become most important to you or your work at this moment in your life?

I think try everything every ideas I got on my mind is what matter right now, I want to work on many projects and ideas, the tricky part is to find time for.


Is there any specific moments or memory in your life that pushed you definitely towards the arts or pursuing your creative ambitions.

I failed mec school and voila!

What does your work mean to you?

That’s basically all I do and all I want to do, that’s me.


How do you see your work playing into and responding to the current conversation happening in art and culturing?

As I said I’m searching the best way to show my work, something unique people will remember. I’m working on it, the only thing i know is that i want to show it to an audience that will get what I want to share.

Are there any upcoming projects we should know about?

Currently I’m working on a new paintings series I wanna drop by the end of the year. And I’m working on a solo for the beginning of 2019.