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TAX Masters Series | Roy Lichtenstein

TAX MASTERS SERIES | Roy Lichtenstein

Roy Lichtenstein is easily one of the most innovative and influential American Pop artists of the second half of the twentieth century. Born on October 27, 1923, he was a lightning rod among critics and was one of the first Pop artists to achieve widespread renown. His most recognizable works were based on imagery from comic strips and advertisements that were constructed in a similar style to the crude printing processes of newspapers. These paintings reinvigorated the American art scene and altered the history of modern art. His iconic, high impact images have since become recognizable as one pillars of Pop art, and his method of creating images has become central to critic's understand of the significance of the movement. 

Roy Lichtenstein,  Whaam! , 1963

Roy Lichtenstein, Whaam!, 1963

Roy Lichtenstein,  Drowning Girl , 1963

Roy Lichtenstein, Drowning Girl, 1963

Roy Lichtenstein,  In the Car , 1963

Roy Lichtenstein, In the Car, 1963

Roy Lichtenstein,  Ohh... Alright...,  1964

Roy Lichtenstein, Ohh... Alright..., 1964