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TEFAF Expert Insights Influencer Q&A

The TAX Collection's creators Max Berman and Tanner Steslow share influencer insights on the contemporary art market with TEFAF ahead of the launch of the 2018 Spring Fair in New York City

"One of the most obvious, and in our opinion, most advantageous evolutions of the contemporary art market is the usefulness that social media and digital platforms have been able to provide to not only artists, but collectors and galleries as well. While visibility is becoming increasingly more important to reach new clients, social media platforms have not only become the new artist portfolio, but also can act as a gallery’s most forefront effort in regards to branding. Apart from the role digitalization has played in regards to sales, it has also helped expose the industry to an entirely new generation of artists, collectors, and art enthusiasts who might have otherwise been left out of the conversation."