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TAX Masters Series | Jeff Koons

The prolific American artist is known for working with pop culture subjects and his reproductions of banal objects. One of the most popular living contemporary artists, Koon's Neo-Pop aesthetics stem from the 1980s movement that looked to earlier Pop artists, particularly Warhol, for inspiration. His works challenge the traditional economics of the art industry as seemingly cheap looking objects change the notion of what actually is fine art. 

A late 20th century incarnation of Marcel Duchamp, Koon's approach to his work reinterprets the clash between high and low brow on the most grand of scale. Pool toy inflatables, steel balloon animals and oversized sculptures are not only conceptual, but aesthetic, in ways that challenge issues like race, sex, gender, and fame. His knack for elevating the stature of kitsch objects to high art has made him synonymous with the art of mass culture.