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Christine Ross | Artist Spotlight

Self taught visual artist Christine Ross specializes in minimal single line drawings usually of the female form - using materials such as handmade paper, vintage threads, camera gels and real pressed plants.

How do you describe your work?

I would describe my work as simplistic, feminine and (hopefully) interesting. I specialize in single line drawings, mainly of the female form. There are so many incredible single line artists out there, so I try to set my work apart by using different embellishments to make them unique.

What’s your preferred medium to express yourself and you work?


How did you come into working that way? I like to use interesting materials when I can, such as handmade paper, vellum, camera gels, vintage threads and real pressed plants. I use mainly acrylic paint and gouache, and have been getting more into the world of embroidery lately. I get bored very easily, so I usually start with a basic drawing/painting and then embellish it with various materials to add texture and interest.


Where did you grow up and do you think that’s affected, at all, your vision as an artist?

I’ve lived all over, from the most northern parts of Canada, to Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. Getting to see different cultures and ways of living has definitely opened my eyes to the beauty in the world. My mother, sister, and grandma are all artistic as well, so I’ve always had that female influence in my life. My grandma used to always watch Bob Ross painting videos (and no, unfortunately I’m not related to him…) and I was absolutely enthralled with them.

What triggers your imagination?

I actually find most of my inspiration on Instagram. I’ll be scrolling and then see an interesting face or pose, and that picture is my muse for my next sketch. I’m constantly having trouble falling asleep or waking up at all hours of the night because I’m too excited about my next idea, sometimes it can be a real problem.


What are some instagram accounts or artists that you particularly enjoy / are inspired from?

My sister, @meaganalessio is a huge inspiration for me. She works with both fiber and resin, and blows me away every day with her creativity. We are always pushing each other and collaborating on ideas. She’s the only one who will honestly tell me if something I’m working on is shit. I follow SO many amazing artists, and some of my faves are: @astrid.elisabeth, @reineparadis, @alicewaltonceramics, @fjgoodman and @lisagolightlyart.

What was your dream growing up as a child?

After watching the movie Twister, I wanted to be a storm chaser SO badly. Thankfully that didn’t pan out…tornadoes are TERRIFYING.


What has become most important to you or your work at this moment in your life?

I find it very important to try to make my artwork inclusive. Lots of my drawings can be perceived as male/female/whatever you identify with. I love for the viewer to see what they want when they look at my artwork. I also generally draw my figures with no hair, and I recently had one girl reach out and say how much she identified with my work because she has alopecia. It just made my heart swell that someone found comfort in my work because of her uniqueness, which I think is so beautiful. Self love, baby.

Is there any specific moment(s) or memory in your life that pushed you definitively towards the arts or to pursue your creative ambitions?

6 years ago, I wasn’t creating art at all. Then I had a neighborhood Christmas party and was talking to a friend and fellow artist, (@marijanel) about how I’ve always been artistic, and she asked why I don’t create anything. I thought about it, and a lightbulb went off. I had no excuses, so I went to an art store and just started playing. I’ll admit, my earlier work is a little embarrassing to look back on now, but it felt so good to be doing something I loved. I’ve been loving the journey ever since.


What does your work mean to you? If anything at all?

I don’t really have a deep, emotional attachment to my artwork. I get asked a lot what a piece means, and I never have a good answer. For me, artwork is my meditation. When I’m drawing and painting, my brain shuts off and I’m really in the moment. I think it keeps me sane and grounded, so I suppose it’s as much for me as for other people to enjoy. I think having a hobby or something just for yourself is so important, and it really has changed my life.


What is your definition of ‘art’, even if it’s total bullshit?

My definition of art is just something that provokes thought and emotion (good or bad). Whether it’s a deep, responsive connection you have, or just something you find beautiful, as long as it pulls at the ‘ol heart strings it’s art to me. 11. any other information we should know (up coming projects / collars / exhibitions)
 I’ll be exhibiting 16 pieces at an art show in Toronto this November run by Art Interiors (@artinteriors). It’s the 25th Annual Festival of Smalls show, showcasing tons of artist’s smaller works. The show will be announced soon! I’m also going to be spending lots of time with my sister Meagan where we plan on finishing some of out collaborative pieces. All new work will be on my Instagram!