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Andy Blank | Revolutionizing Affordable Art

We had the pleasure of sitting down with anonymous Brooklyn based artist Andy Blank. Championing the idea that art should be affordable and accessible, Andy has cornered the contemporary market by consciously choosing to keep his works all under $200 - with the belief and intention that every home should be able to have quality and inspiring art hanging on its walls. His ready to hang frames and canvas come complete with easy to install instructions, making even the least handy among us confident that we are displaying works in a way we can be proud of.

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Who are you and what do you do?

I'm Andy Blank, I created a brand which aims for everyone house in America to have contemporary art hanging on theirs walls. Gone are the days on low quality photo printed canvases.

How would you describe your work ethic?

Busy. Every day is full of so many things. I’m either working on the new concepts and limited release pieces, experimenting with new techniques and colors or filming and shooting new content and photography.

What role does Andy Blank play in the emerging art world? Or the affordable art world?

I think we are raising the bar, this is how affordable art should look, hand made with the highest grade materials. So many affordable art websites provide works which are generally “cheap” in how they feel and look, they are usually printed canvases or if they’re art prints they arrive rolled up in a tube, unframed. On top of this you’ll have to go and have it framed yourself. We are actually using museum quality materials in both the framed works and paintings. I believe one day Andy Blank will make the fine art world more valuable, it’s going to draw a line in the sand.

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Are there any specific themes you try to pursue?

Many of the limited release pieces and seasonal works don’t normally follow a specific color or topic. They are born from inspiration I see from everyday life. Here in the Andy studio, if we’re experimenting with a specific material then many of the current seasons works will incorporate that materials in some way. Things may be different in the next season with something completely new.

How do you think anonymity plays into your work and your persona?

I initially didn’t want to reveal my identity as I thought it shouldn’t be about who I am but the work produced by the studio. The bigger things get the more I realize how important it is to keep Andy’s true identity hidden. I’d rather let each artwork show my humor/dark side/what turns me on/my interests etc.

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What is one thing you always have in your studio? What is something surprising we would find in your studio?

My skateboard and my obsessions with music and La Croix sodas.

Are there any artists you would compare yourself to? 

One day I think Andy Blank will be compared to something much bigger than than art and artists. What I can definitely say is that my favorite artist of all time is the one, the only, the incomparable Andy Warhol.

Do you have any goals set for the future with Andy Blank? 

One day, will be the “go to” place to put contemporary art online. I always want the price to be $199 and under so if you are starting to look for art for your walls then it will be a great place to start. Something I’ve been thinking about recently are physical “retail” locations, where works can be displayed for all to see, not just people’s homes.

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Are there any art trends (or non art trends) you are currently following?

Today I was thinking about Fluoro colors and materials but I am pretty uninterested in “trends” per say. I see a lot of blatant rip-offs and I want my work to be always new and fresh, never a copy.

We know you started creating a short time ago, what fueled you to get going on this?

I’ve worked in the industry my entire life, I’ve bought, sold, made, hung, art for a very long time. The brand is a sum off all my experiences. Mixed with a little bit of crazy and new. Another reason, Some friends and I were sitting around having beer and they were talking about how expensive “good” art is. I was thinking to myself “why does art have to be expensive, cant it be great and not break the bank”.

Would you ever want to see your work in a gallery? Or do you prefer showcasing your creativity on Instagram, and selling through your website?

I can see Andy having their own series of “galleries” rather than being represented by any. Andy is a direct to consumer model, people who like Andy’s work can buy it if they like it…Andy Blank is an artist for the people!

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