The TAX Collection Curation Creation Collabroation

Guy Hepner | August 2018

For the fourth of their run of six curated shows, TAX Collection and Guy Hepner present 'CON ART', a solo exhibition by Dan Alva. The Miami based street artist utilizes his marketing and advertisement background to create satirical works that aim to challenge the messages of recognizable ad campaigns and comment on the excesses of materialism and lifestyle marketing. 

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About The Artist

Born in 1984, American artist Dan Alva comes from a Spanish background of fine artists. Based in Miami, Alva's works are a hybrid of mixed-media, sculpture, and paintings, often with subversive undertones. Alva has been working as a creative in adverting for over 15 years, in which how his Brandalism Series came to fruition. Alva is revealing the truth behind the industry by stealing other brands' advertisements. 

His background in design and advertising ties into his art both in form and content, as can be seen particularly within the Brandalism series. These unique works, created using corporate ads that Alva tears down from bus stops and repurposes as the canvases, see a mixture of traditional advertising language  as well as pop culture icons and symbols superimposed onto the image underneath. The final effect is that of a push and pull between corporate and individual; a dance that reveals and hides aspects of the original ad, thus creating a new work in itself that satirically comments on and denounces the branding messages on which they are made.