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Ingrid And Ching 

Dimitri Likissas


Playing with chromatic tonality and the dissection of visual planes, Dimitri creates works that seem to move and undulate within the canvas as if attempting to escape their two dimensional confines. While the dots work together in harmony to create the image, their circular nature acts in opposition to his square and rectangular canvases, reminding us of the basic elements of life and how atoms are in a contstant movement - propelling against each other - creating matter itself.

Dimitri has been painting and experimenting with dots and color for over 20 years, but only recently, with his move to Greece, did he decide to dedicate his life to his art, leaving behind his graphic design work to paint full time. His body of work has maintained the same technical and stylistic approach over all these years while the content has developed as he has moved through different countries and life events.


Available works