Guy Hepner | May 2018

For the third of their run of seven curated shows, TAX Collection and Guy Hepner present 'Pointillism Revisited', a solo exhibition by Dimitri Likissas. Opening May 10th, 'Pointillism Revisited' is a collection of the artist's newest works, stemming from a long tradition of using distinct dots of color in art, which the viewer's mind blends together to create the final image.

Playing with chromatic tonality and the dissection of visual planes, Dimitri creates works that seem to move and undulate within the canvas as if attempting to escape their two dimensional confines. While the dots work together in harmony to create the image, their circular nature acts in opposition to his square and rectangular canvases, reminding us of the basic elements of life and how atoms are in a contstant movement - propelling against each other - creating matter itself.

About The Artist

Coming from a graphic design background,  Dimitri has extensive knowledge of color, how it is broken down and how different tones work together on paper. This specific technical knowledge applied to canvas can be seen particularly in his abstract works that focus solely on creating colorful, aesthetically pleasing compositions. In his early works he would create a single colored dot pattern on which he would later superimpose a subject; nowadays he has evolved this technique so that the subject is intrinsically part of the painting from the start.

Dimitri has been painting and experimenting with dots and color for over 20 years, but only recently, with his move to Greece, did he decide to dedicate his life to his art, leaving behind his graphic design work to paint full time. His body of work has maintained the same technical and stylistic approach over all these years while the content has developed as he has moved through different countries and life events. He divides his oeuvre into three categories: the abstract works, the text works, and the icons. The pieces in which he incorporates text are inspired by modern times and the rise of social media, he was intrigued by the way people shorten their words while texting and communicating on screen: ‘in real life’ becomes ‘IRL’, ‘tomorrow’ becomes ‘2moro’; creating a new vocabulary in itself. 

Equally inspired by the changing world around him as from that of the past he continues develop works that represent icons, these range from interpretations of seminal works of art by Frieda Kahlo and Vincent Van Gogh, among others, as well as portraits of celebrities past and present from Marilyn Monroe to Karl Lagerfeld. 

Guy Hepner | March 2018

For the second of their run of seven curated shows, The TAX Collection + Guy Hepner present 'Be Still', a solo exhibition by Loribelle Spirovski. Running March 22nd - May 4th, 'Be Still' is a collection of Spirovski's' latest body of work exploring how the concept of 'space' interacts with an occupant and the conversation that exists between a figure and the space around them.

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About The Artist

"The narratives that I tell are influenced by both old stories and new ones, mythology and contemporary history, my own personal experiences as well as those of others. As a person who has always been both restless and still, my art has enabled me to develop a language that is able to communicate the ineffable juxtapositions, ironies and paradoxes of human consciousness.

I called this collection of works 'Be Still' because it is both a command to the viewer to encounter the works in a moment of stillness, as well as an echo from my - our - childhood, to 'be still', to behave in a certain way, in a certain space. In that stillness, a new space is created, a new mode of existence. Stillness is a place of terrible and magical potential."

-Loribelle Spirovski

Guy Hepner | February 2018

The first of seven exhibitions crafted by The TAX Collection for their curatorial residency with Guy Hepner, 'KINK' is a collection of Ben Evan's latest work exploring the interactions between solitude, independence, and the spaces we inhabit. 

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About the artist

Ben Evans is a New York based artist painter and illustrator widely known for his vibrant portraits and scenes. Capturing androgynous figures, Evans uses his art as a way to expose and normalize what people do between doors. Drawing inspiration from his own childhood memories and experiences as a queer male, Evan's work portrays varying perspectives into moments in time and space in which his audience can relate to similar experiences, whilst also commenting on current social and political topics such as identity and gender norms.

Since graduating from the Pratt Institute, Evans has amassed a large following of dedicated fans and collectors who are attracted to his unique style, and pop culture infused work. His technique and unapologetic depictions of of drugs, sex, and everyday life have earned him international press as well as several large commercial projects and exhibitions.   

Fort Works Art | Nov 2017

Following the Condo Model of inter-gallery collaborations, The TAX Collection is teaming up with Fort Works Art to launch NEW POP - a group exhibition analyzing the current state of Pop Art with some of today's most forward thinking artists. 



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Guy Hepner | October 2017

In Conjunction Guy Hepner, The TAX Collection opened 'IDENTITY', a solo exhibition by Sage Barnes in New York City. 'Identity' seeks to explore the human condition as we navigate through our own personal narratives and the world that's continously moving around us.

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Meir Art Gallery | July 2017

In Conjunction With Meir Art Gallery And The TAX Collection, John Paul Fauves Is Exhibiting His Solo Exhibition 'A Loss Of Innocence' at it's second stop on it's would tour. Opening July 1st in Antwerp Belgium,  'A Loss Of Innocence' Explores Our Own Humanity As We Mature, become increasingly Desensitized, And Ultimately Grow Farther Away From Our Incorruptibility As Children.

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Photo credit: Fred & Erick Photography @fredanderick

Guy Hepner | April 2017

Presented by Guy Hepner and The TAX Collection, LURE is a one-of-a-kind collaborative exhibition by renowned visual artists Dan Lam and John Foster. This dual exhibit seeks to pair unlikely combinations of textures and aesthetics, resulting in visually stunning pieces that are cementing a place for themselves in today’s contemporary art scene. Inspired by their unique perspectives from growing up on the cusp of Millennial and Pre-Millennial generations, their joint works underline the very fabric of today’s youth culture and explore the nuanced difference between aesthetic and substance.

Yeah Yeah Chloe x JPLUS Boutique Hotel | March 2017

In collaboration with JPlus Boutique Hotels, The TAX Collection presents Phantasmagoria, a solo exhibition by Chloe Bennett. Showcasing a collection of pop art visual artifacts, Bennett explores the glorification of mundane pedestrian objects.

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 GUY HEPNER | March 2017

In Conjunction With Guy Hepner And The TAX Collection, John Paul Fauves Presents His Solo Exhibition 'A Loss Of Innocence'.  Opening March 2nd In SoHo NY,  'A Loss Of Innocence' Explores Our Own Humanity As We Mature,
become increasingly Desensitized, And Ultimately Grow Farther Away From Our Incorruptibility As Children.

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Guy Hepner Gallery | August 2016

In collaboration with world renowned Guy Hepner, the TAX Collection presents EPHEMERAL, a curated exhibition featuring some of the most influential artists on Instagram. Running through September 9th, the artists showcased include: