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Suddenly Familiar

A Solo Exhibition by Adam Lister

Oct. 4th 2018 - Nov. 22nd 2018
Guy Hepner | New York

This October, we bring Adam Lister to Guy Hepner for his latest solo exhibition in New York City. Exploring Pop culture and art history through pixelated watercolor paintings, he deconstructs and rearranges iconic images to produce work that reflects feelings of bittersweet nostalgia. Inspired by 8-bit video games from his childhood, Lister breaks down portraits and images into his signature flat, cubist-like compositions.



Sage Barnes | CB Hoyo | Ben Evans | Pure Evil | Joe Suzuki | Pierre Schmidt

Oct. 20th 2018 - Nov. 3rd 2018
NextStreet Gallery | Paris

NextStreet Gallery and The TAX Collection are pleased to present 'SUBVERSION' - a group exhibition featuring six key artists in the contemporary scene challenging power structures, authority, and social norms.



Abstract Transfer Protocol

A Solo Exhibition by Manuel Fernández

Opening Nov. 29th - Jan. 3rd
Guy Hepner | NYC

In the same way that abstract expressionism grew out of error and un-calculated markings, artist Manuel Fernández presents a contemporary, digital response through his UV ink paintings. His latest solo exhibition ‘Abstract Transfer Protocol’ emulates the glitch process, or visual error that is caused by the corruption of a digital file. Using a color spectrum that is representative of modern devices, the resulting compositions blur the boundaries between computer graphics and painting, between the virtual and reality.