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A Solo Exhibition by Dan Alva

Aug. 16th 2018 - Sept. 27th
Guy Hepner|  New York

Miami based street artist Dan Alva utilizes his marketing and advertisement background to create satirical works that aim to challenge the messages of recognizable ad campaigns and comment on the excesses of materialism and lifestyle marketing. His latest solo exhibition opens August 16th at Guy Hepner with The TAX Collection.


Adam Lister

Adam Lister's latest solo exhibition

Oct. 4th 2018 - Nov. 22nd 2018
Guy Hepner | New York

This October, we bring Adam Lister to Guy Hepner for his latest solo exhibition in New York City. Exploring Pop culture and art history through pixelated watercolor paintings, he deconstructs and rearranges iconic images to produce work that reflects feelings of bitter sweet nostalgia. Inspired by 8-bit video games from his child hood, lister breaks down portraits and images into his signature flat, cubist-like compositions.