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Ingrid And Ching 

Ingrid and Ching

Abstract painter Ingrid Ching is a master at redefining harmony and balance through her expressive works. Her technique and understanding of color is apparent as each intricate brush stroke compliments the last - each one, their own unique palette and color composition. 

"Our lives are perpetually shaped by the world in which we live, and not every moment can be exceptional. This is where I find my inspiration. In every piece you’ll find a question – a purposeful moment used to breathe in the work and reflect. Confident and charming, each painting begs every new viewer to answer differently. Yet it’s not about the answer to each question, but your journey, your approach, and every bit of clarity it affords you. I want you to lose yourself within the odd beauty of each unique canvas. Every moment in life is an opportunity to make an immediate, lasting impression – I strive to create art that embodies this fact"

Available works