The TAX Collection Curation Creation Collabroation

Fort Works Art | Nov 2017

Following the Condo Model of inter-gallery collaborations, The TAX Collection partnered with Fort Works Art to launch NEW POP - a group exhibition analyzing the current state of Pop Art with some of today's most forward thinking artists. 


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About the artists

Saint Hoax

Saint Hoax is a pseudonymous Syrian artist, satirist and sociopolitical activist. He creates “POPlitically incorrect” art that blurs the line between politics and popular culture. Since debuting his art in 2014, Hoax has kept his identity concealed due to the immense backlash that his work receives. By separating the art from the artist, he created an uncensored platform for himself where he can openly critique society, religion and politics.

Tony Futura

One of the most trending artists on Instagram, Tony Futura, a digital artist based in Berlin, likes simple motifs with a surprising twist. Considered one of the founders of "New Pop", he places familiar images in a new context, creating surreal art to poke fun at the materialism and pop-culture focus of modern Western life. His light-hearted and funny digital art is often charged with political or sexual energy. Tony studied communication design at the University of Potsdam and specializes in illustration, typography and graphic design


Santlov is a Miami-based photographer and graphic artist, and the mastermind behind the viral ToysRLikeUs photography campaign. His seemingly realistic photographs consist of widely recognized, iconic toy characters finding themselves in the midst of relatable everyday-like human scenarios – a style that uniquely synchronizes fantasy with reality.

Sara Zaher

Sara Zaher is a visual artist based in Sydney, Australia. Born in Cairo in 1990, her restlessness pushed her to a path of transition. Since then she has lived in Lebanon, London, Manchester, New York, and Sydney. This constant shift in space has affected the social, political, and personal themes in her work. Recently she completed her MA (Dist) in Graphic and Media Design from the University of the Arts London. This one year program helped define her interest in mediums such as video art, digital collage, and installation art. Through the use of these tools, her work aims to question the fragile boundary between the personal and the political. A way to exploit her relentless need for questioning as a way to position herself within this ever-changing social pendulum. In her recent transition as an emerging artist, her work has already garnered national and international attention through publications such as Design Taxi, Grazia and Designboom. Her work has also been exhibited in galleries and fairs in New York, Sydney and Paris and has been featured in collections globally.

Felipe Posada

Felipe Posada, a Brooklyn based artist, is a Visual Artist working in the field of digital collage and motion design. His artwork is a journey through the invisible realm: a dimension where conventional laws of physics have no ruling effect, and thoughts with intent take visual form. Here, intuition, memories, visions and dreams are as tangible as every day objects. Through his work he revisit concepts that have fascinated and scared him, since he was a child. The results, often unpredictable, are compositions filled with symbolism and hidden meaning.Showing in New York in both solo exhibitions and group shows, Felipe has become of the most recognizable digital artists and has amassed an impressive list of collaborators ranging from National Geographic to Madonna.

Chloe Bennett

Chloe Bennet (Yeah Yeah Chloe) is best known for her colourful twisted images that explore pop culture and her surroundings. Based in Queensland, Australia she works across both physical and digital mediums, playing with the notions of handmade and mass production. Primarily working with objects and her signature new pop flare, Bennett observes and records the world around her. Her work seeks to explore her surroundings, and subtly comments on the seemingly mundane aspects of life. Through re-interpreting our reality, Bennett transforms ordinary objects into playful characters in a unique style that satirizes and critiques our modern

Andre Veloux

British artist Andre Veloux, resides in Princeton, NJ with his wife and daughter. He is represented by the Krause Gallery, New York City, with a solo show booked for June 2018. His feminist work is defined artistically within the parameters of modern feminism. Which is standing up for women and their rights and empowerment. Standing against the patriarchal society and it’s male entitlement which cause discrimination, oppression and violence against women. His work which is created entirely from Lego is in private collections worldwide and has been shown in many group shows.