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The TAX Collection teamed up with Nakid Magazine to curate their 6th Mini issue 'Rebellion' - we invited artists from around the world to submit to us their interpretation of the word. The original works contain insight into the subject and portray a provocative idea or presentation that presents the idea of 'REBELLION' against the status quo, whatever that may be to the artist and their audience. This is a 5.8 x 8.3 inch miniature book is an ongoing special edition limited publication that features themed ideas open to interpretation and intended to be thought-provoking and collector pieces.

Featured Artists: 

Hannes Windrath
Dustin Hollywood
Charis Kirchheimer
Vijat Mohindra
Astrid Elizabeth
Ben is Right
Ashlynn Danielsen
Flora Borsi
Nastia CIoutier
Claire Luxton
Ben Zank
Elizabeth Viggiano
Rachel Rottman
Joey James Salehi
Kristin Liu-Wong

Nakid Magazine Rebellion